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Tusj, a handwritten font

March 11, 2008

For a project at Apt I made a font called Tusj (Indian ink), based on Geor­gia Bold. FFF Tusj is highly com­plex and works best in very large sizes.

FFF Tusj is free for both per­sonal and com­mer­cial use.

Do not redis­trib­ute this type­face with­out per­mis­sion, and you are not allowed to use this font in any kind of work that may offend peo­ple based on their race, eth­nic back­ground or sex­ual ori­en­ta­tion.

Down­load FFF Tusj right here for free!
Click here to down­load FFF Tusj True Type (.ttf)
Click here to down­load FFF Tusj PostScript

I would be more than happy for a Pay­Pal donation.


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  1. Love this font…it’s exactly what I was look­ing for! Do you have a post­script or open type version?

    • The font is used for the logo of a small library. I found this web­site by typ­ing the file­name in google to check if we have per­mis­sion to use it.

  2. this font is absolute EYE CANDY!… love it.

  3. Abso­lutly the best font that I have ever seen (looks cool, com­mon shapes, and more over..)

  4. Hei. Så fonten din på, rimelig veldig skikke­lig kul.
    lurer litt på hva slags pro­gram du bruker. Og fort­sett det gode arbei­det, kjikka litt kjapt igjen­nom sia, får si det sånn at du har bra skills.

  5. Thanks.
    The FFF Tusj font is made using pen­cils, a scan­ner, Illus­tra­tor for trac­ing and Font­lab for mak­ing the font, kern­ing etc.

  6. Love this font but I’m hav­ing trou­ble with it not want­ing to work with my Mac OSX Leop­ard. It says that there prob­lem with « sys­tem val­i­da­tion » and that if I install it, it may cause my sys­tem to become unsta­ble and crash. Are you aware of any issues with this? Is there a workaround? Thanks, Lysa

    • Are you using Font­book? I use Lino­type Font­Ex­plorer and have had no prob­lems. Are you unable to acti­vate the font, can’t you skip the warn­ing? Maybe Font­book thinks some­thing can go wrong because the font is so big (almost 1 MB).

  7. @ Lysa
    Are you using Font­book? I use Lino­type Font­Ex­plorer and have had no prob­lems. Are you unable to acti­vate the font, can’t you skip the warn­ing? Maybe Font­book thinks some­thing can go wrong because the font is so big (almost 1 MB).

  8. This is an awsome font. I like how you trans­formed a sim­ple shape into some­thing more com­plex while keep­ing the readability.

  9. Nice work on this one. :)

  10. Its looks great, but for some rea­son when I install it on my mac it becomes bolder and darker and does not look the same as the one shown here. How do I get the orig­i­nal « look » of the font?

  11. @ FH
    What soft­ware are you using?

  12. To Mag­nus:
    I’ve tried Font Book and Lino­type Font­Ex­plorer X, I still get the same bold/dark ver­sion of Tusj. If I use Pages for Mac, I am able to get it’s orig­i­nal look occa­sion­ally, but it usu­ally crashes when I use it. It might be some­thing with my Mac because friends who use Win­dows have no problem

  13. This looks black and thick on my MAC. What am I doing wrong?

  14. Hej,
    Jag har använt din under­bara font i min header. Säg till om du har något emot det. Häl­sningar Hemmabloggaren

  15. Thanks for shar­ing this great font, we used it for our logo and the header on our side­bar at
    We just made some changes to the W for our logo. I hope you like it :)

  16. Hi,
    I would like to marry that font — it’s very great *g*.
    But, unfor­tu­nately, my PC don’t like it.
    I’ve got Vista and it say’s, Tusj isn’t a font and writes chinese-looking types in a messagebox.

    Would be sooo happy if some­one helped me!


  17. thank you thank you I love it!

  18. Thank the allmighty FSM,

    I’ve suc­ceeded in put­ing that font on my PC.

    Sebi is happy

  19. Hi !

    Very good work indeed ! This font is won­der­full. I’d like to use it on a web­site. Would you hap­pen to have *.eot and *.pfr versions ?

  20. I’m sorry Floof. All I have is the TTF and a Post­cript Type 1 version.

  21. Think­ing of using this font for my first tat­too. I love it *that* much. Will send pic­tures of the fin­ished work if it happens.

  22. Great job on the font! Like com­ments 11 and 14, the font comes out bold and dark on my mac. How do I change that?

  23. @ Tre­ciecup
    I guess it’s because you use Apple soft­ware(?) which ren­ders typog­ra­phy in a dif­fer­net way than the Adobe pack­age. I’m sorry I don’t know about any fix for this.

  24. Thank You so much. I Like it

  25. Beau­ti­ful, thanks a mil­lion, you are so talanted and gen­er­ous to share this with everything!

  26. I like it.
    very very nice.

  27. Utrolig bra arbeid.

  28. Great font thanks, can’t wait to use it.

  29. Hey, great font. I love it. The font is men­tioned as being ‘free.’ Is it free for com­mer­cial use?

  30. Please ignore my pre­vi­ous com­ment, I am appar­ently inca­pable of read­ing before I post.

  31. Hi Mag­nus
    Where can I get the Post­script ver­sion of Tusj? I too seem to have prob­lems with the font giv­ing ran­dom bold when I PDF the job from InDe­sign. I’m using the TTF version.

  32. I have put up a Post­Script ver­sion now thanks to Amy. Check out the post for the new download-link.

  33. Hi Mag­nus,
    Your font is FAB, thanks a lot!
    The file is a bit large though. If I type any­thing, even inside Word, it takes ages to respond — and I have a pretty quick com­puter. I guess it’s the size of the file, isn’t it?
    Any chance of get­ting it smaller, say below 300 kb and releas­ing it again??

  34. Hi Regina
    You are right, it’s the size and com­plex­ity of the font that makes every­thing go slow. This was my first attempt on mak­ing a font file so there’s is room for improve­ments. To get the file-size down I have to edit every sin­gle char­ac­ter and make them less com­plex. It’s a big process that I don’t have the time for. I can rec­om­mend a sim­pler font called kara­bine, it might do the job better.

    • am a painter/writer/designer just orga­niz­ing to incor­po­rate after long sab­bat­i­cal from career. this font tells me there is hope for all of us to help you help our eyes see bet­ter: there is so much redun­dant junk out there, and i’m green to the process. but the medium is the mes­sage. wrong/right fonts fil­ter our minds’ coop­er­a­tion, inter­est. THX!

  35. Très jolie fonte, excel­lent tra­vail, c’est exacte­ment ce graphisme que je cher­chais. Je compte l’utiliser dans mon tra­vail graphique avec votre per­mis­sion.
    Encore Bravo

  36. Pretty hand­crafted work!!! Thank you very much.

  37. Actu­ally is that kind of work that becomes into a jew­erly. Sim­ply Great!!!!



    the link above shows how your font ren­ders at 30-something at right), at 96 (at left) and on your site (cen­ter) on a Mac.

    The lines seem to be thicker, more numer­ous or closer together than in your pre­view image on the site; which of those, i can’t tell as i’m a devel­oper (not web) not a designer — i just hang out on designer type sites for the hell of it.

    The only way I can see to get the font look­ing like you have it is to make it huge, which may not work for every­one. Good effort, though!

  39. Hi Mag­nus,
    I’m not able to load either the ttf or ps into font­book (Mac). Every time, it just kicks out. Ideas?

    I’d love to use your font for a motion graph­ics project!



  40. LOVE this font! Will let you know if I use it :) I’m think­ing it would be cool as part of a jour­nal design.

  41. thank you so much for shar­ing your awe­some work so gen­er­ously! will let you know when i’ve used it! :D

  42. i’ve tried to upload this font a cou­ple times on this site and but it only shows up in bold. is there a rea­son for this? can i get the one that is regular?

    • There is only one style. The font may ren­der dif­fer­ent depend­ing on what soft­ware you are using. It seems to be to com­plex for Apple’s soft­ware, but it works great using the Adobe-package.

  43. I would like to use this font in a logo for a new com­pany. Am I per­mit­ted to edit this font for use in the logo in order to make it unique? Please advise.

  44. Thanks very much, it’s a gor­geous font. Perfect.

  45. love the font, thank you!

  46. Killer dis­play font! I’ll put it on our class­room com­put­ers and let you know when the kids put it to good use. Thanks so much on behalf of the kids in the Mac Lab!

  47. This is a beau­ti­ful font, thanks for mak­ing it avail­able for per­sonal use!!

  48. Recently this font was used on a new adver­tis­ing cam­paign of Cen­ten­nial of Puerto Rico. Cen­ten­nial is a com­mu­ni­ca­tions com­pany recently acquired by AT&T.

  49. Hello, it’s awseome :D

    But, am i allowed to embet it to my website?

    • Yes your are, but I do not rec­om­mend using a 1MB font like Tusj for css font-embedding. If you use it be kind and include the @licenseurl in the CSS file like I did on this site.

      • I was thinkn­ing about using cufón, wich con­verts it into a js file :)

  50. Thank you very much for the font, it really dic­tated my, rather, ama­teur design. I mean that in a good way, it really fits as larger type where you can see the lines. My only grip is that the extra lines, the eye candy, are not more vis­i­ble. The half-filled in is very nice though, it isn’t solid and it even empathizes the crust of the let­ter­ing. Any­way enough of my blath­er­ing, what I man­aged to pull off;

    PS: The design is final but some of the cod­ing is incomplete.

  51. My favorite type­face so far ! You did an awe­some work here, thanks for shar­ing this piece of art…

  52. Thanks for the awe­some type­face… just what i wanted!!

  53. Thank you!! Love that font!
    Has every­thing I was look­ing for: purism, sim­plic­ity and play­ful­ness.
    Also you rock for includ­ing umlauts.

  54. This is a fab­u­lous font, thank you for mak­ing it avail­able to every­one. I have used it on a funny t-shirt design.–1-omg

  55. Salut Mag­nus,

    Jag använda Tujs här
    Tack så jävla mycket för din finaste jobb !

    Häl­sning från France och… GOTT NYTT ÅR !!!

  56. Help! I am not able to down­load this font! I use a Mac­BookPro — 10.6.2 and I keep get­ting an error say­ing that it is unable to unar­chive the file. Suggestions?

  57. I’m hav­ing the same bold issue as oth­ers have men­tioned, using OS X 10.6.2. I tried down­load­ing it from dafont and directly from this site, but both only resulted in the bold font, not the reg­u­lar one.

  58. Nev­er­mind, just read your response about Font Explorer X. Oh well.

  59. FFF Tusj will prob­a­bly be used as a base for the logo of « DOX, » SVT’s new doc­u­men­tary slot. The title sequence will be of peo­ple writ­ing out DOX in the air with a flash­light. I’ll post a link to the fin­ished piece in a few weeks!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  60. Very well done infill font — you even made the 2010 Home Show logo
    in Queens­land, Aus­tralia — ooops, did they ask???

  61. lovely font — and very much nat­ural — thanks for sharing !!

  62. Tusj is a won­der­ful font, I loved it as soon as I saw it for the first time. I used it on my home­page Thank you very much for mak­ing this and offer­ing it!

  63. Hej, hit­tade ditt snygga typ­snitt på dafont och har använt det i min bloglay­out. Hop­pas det är ok, annars är det bara att hojta! Har fått flera för­frågningar om just typ­snit­tet och frå­gar nu om det är ok att jag tip­sar om det? Med vän­liga häl­sningar — Camilla

  64. Hi, I really like your font, used it for a web­site I made for my friend’s ken­nel :) (only the nor­we­gian part of the site has any con­tent yet)

  65. Hej! Super snyggt typ­snitt och säger bara att jag använt det till att göra en ord­tavla som ska pryda mitt kök! Kom­mer även att visas på min blogg. Hop­pas det är ok att jag tip­sar om typ­snit­tet där.

  66. What tem­plate do you use in your blog

  67. Thank you for this nice type­face! I have used it on some t-shirts:


  68. Hi! I absolutely LOVE this font and have been see­ing it pop up all over the place lately! I used it for a type spec­i­men project which is now up on my port­fo­lio, I hope that’s ok!

  69. Hi Mag­nus

    I use OSX 10.6.2 and I have the same bold issue as oth­ers have men­tioned. I down­loaded all ver­sions avail­able, imported in both Font­book and Font Explorer X, tested in Adobe Illus­tra­tor CS and Pho­to­shop CS4 but I get only the bold version.

    I would love to use your font so much, is there any way you could explore this prob­lem for all peo­ple hav­ing this issue? Dona­tions aside, I would be happy to pay for hav­ing this prob­lem fixed :)


    • Wierd that you have this prob­lem using Pho­to­shop CS4. Do you have fontren­der­ing set to smooth? Most peo­ple who have the bold prob­lem use apps like Word and Pages.

      • That was the prob­lem Mag­nus! The font ren­der­ing was set to Sharp, now it works! Thank you very much :)))

  70. Hi Mag­nus, I would like to port this font to iPhone..
    Can we get in touch by email? Thanks!!

  71. Hej! Fan­tastisk font, Mag­nus! Jag har använt Tusj till en illus­tra­tion och nu kom­mer den eventuellt att tryckas på t-shirt. Har jag din tillå­telse till detta?


  72. thank u for this nice fonts! so love it :))

  73. Thanks for shar­ing this great font! Is there a chance that you could include the accented vow­els and the let­ter Ñ (ñ) to use it in Spanish?

  74. I’m going to be using this fan­tas­tic font in a lit­tle Blog I’m throw­ing together. It evokes the per­fect mix of blue­print, sketch­book, and work-in-progress while also feel­ing totally complete.

    It per­fectly matches the sub­ject mat­ter I’m going for.

    The world thanks you for mak­ing and releas­ing this font.

  75. Tjenare,
    Grymt fin font, som jag planerar att använda i en broschyr för Grand Design Tex­til.
    Det är deras kom­mande broschyr som skall gå i tryck nu i som­mar och som är för hösten 2010. Bifogar en länk till deras hem­sida så du får ett hum om vad dom är för några :)

    Hop­pas att detta är ok.


  76. Not that you need another com­ment, but just thought I’d let you know I LOVE your font and wanted to say a big thanks for offer­ing it up for down­load. Much appreciated :)

  77. I love the font but when­ever I install it, I am only allowed to use the BOLD font. I thought it was just a prob­lem with my old Mac but I just pur­chased a new mac and am hav­ing the same problem.

  78. great font my friend :)

  79. I love your FFF Tusj font. I’m using my com­pany name in your font as a logo for my startup. We’re devel­op­ing iPad appli­ca­tions for archi­tects and I also using the font for page head­ings in our app, Archi­tac­tile Incep­tion. And today I ordered busi­ness cards using the « logo ».

    Web page

    Video of Archi­tac­tile Incep­tion

    Busi­ness card art­work

    This font totally rocks. I’m donat­ing $100 USD to you because this font is worth every cent. I hope every­one that uses it for com­mer­cial pur­poses does the same.



  80. Hi,

    I’m about to use your great font on my future web­site :

    Of course I’ll add your name and web­site on my part­ner­ship page.

    Thanks again for your great job ! ;)



  81. Wow amaz­ing!!! Using it now. Thanks for let­ting us use it! Amazing!

  82. Beau­ti­ful font, exactly what I was look­ing for. I’ve used it here:


  83. Oops, just re-read my com­ment and I for­got to actu­ally say thank you!

    Many thanks for shar­ing this lovely font :)

  84. Thanks for the great font! I’m using it on
    I’ll add your link on the cred­its page! :)

  85. Hi Mag­nus -
    Love your font and chose it for my titles, as I do a lot of pen­cil illus­tra­tion. I was won­der­ing if you have ever solved the anti-aliasing prob­lem on the Mac? The font’s trans­parency between the hand-etched lines does not appear. Have you looked into any CSS anti-aliasing solu­tions? I would like to hear your progress on this issue and hope to make a dona­tion if it can be solved.
    Thanks for your beau­ti­ful design!

  86. Love the font but it is only down­load­ing in a Bold for­mat which elim­i­nates the hand drawn fea­tures. Any tips on how to fix this problem?

    • Hi Jamie.
      There is only one style. The font may ren­der dif­fer­ent depend­ing on what soft­ware you are using. It seems to be to com­plex for Apple’s soft­ware, but it works great using the Adobe-package.

  87. Just found your font, per­fect for what I needed. I’m going to add your name and web­site in a spe­cial thanks page.


  88. I am just get­ting my web­site and busi­ness started. Your font is PERFECT for what I need. I am using it on my site and in my logo. I can’t thank you enough for mak­ing it available. :)

  89. Many thanks for the use of your font for per­sonal or com­mer­cial use. I really like the hand designed feel, and have used it on my web­site My web­site name Vapor­Soup was cre­ated with your font — and was uniquely colored.

  90. Hi. Deep thanks for the font, it’s absolutely beau­ti­ful and adds a great touch to doc­u­ments. I used it in a one-page humor guide to buy­ing christ­mas presents, here:

  91. I could be mis­taken, but I’m pretty sure this font is being used for a BBC Two com­edy pro­mo­tion…

  92. I am going to use for per­sonal use.
    There are same fonts in AppleMac library.

    Thank you very much for the fonts, it’ll help me add art to my works (not commercial).

  93. Thanks you very much , i’m going to use this for a youtube intro

  94. Thank for the font, I used it in the cover of the « first » book of a friend of mine :) you can see it here:

  95. I used it on my port­fo­lio web­site (cred­its on the colophon page ). It really goes great with actual Geor­gia font :)

  96. Hi Mag­nus, thanks so much for shar­ing this beau­ti­ful font. I would like to use it as the head­line font in a craft mag­a­zine called Mak­ing that I design. Please get in touch as I would like to give you a credit on the con­trib­u­tors page, and also to send you a copy of the magazine.…and ask about an accept­able dona­tion too :)
    thanks again, Faye

  97. Thank you si much to share this beau­ti­ful font!
    We would like to use it in the design of our prod­ucts, is that per­mit­ted?
    Thanks in advance for your answer!

  98. Thank you so much!

  99. How I can install this beau­ti­ful font? when I try yo open with WinZip (on win­dows XP) it says to me that the file isn’t valid… or other things like that. How I can do? (please use a sim­ple Englih, i’m ital­ian… :D)

  100. No wait.. Maybe i can do it..

    • How­ever this is the most beu­at­i­ful font that i ever seen… Good job guys

  101. Hello Mag­nus! first of all thanks for shar­ing this great work!

    We are try­ing to deve­l­ope a fash­ion event, Is it pos­si­ble to use your font for it?

    Thanks in advance and again, really nice job!

  102. Hello, Nicely done and thank you for shar­ing. I think I will use it for my slide show…


  104. I’m the Sys­tems Admin­is­tra­tor for s|studios, a rag-tag bunch of Graphic Designers

    … I hap­pened across your absolutely lovely font some while back and pre­sented it to my con­stituents. They were as blown away as I with your gen­eros­ity (FFF Tusj is free for both per­sonal and com­mer­cial use)
    Being, also a BOFH, I still have a rep­u­ta­tion to uphold, so I changed every­ones pass­words with­out notice on the server.
    Ahhhh, it’s good to be King …
    But, I digress.
    I am also the Pho­tog­ra­pher, (my first call­ing) and I’m prepar­ing to scan the vast film trove from when I first began image mak­ing up until the present — no small endeavor.
    I will be using your mag­nif­i­cent FFF Tusj Fonts as my pri­mary for the site (dosome­thing­beau­ti­ful) and I wish to express my appre­ci­a­tion to your style and skill, not to men­tion your char­ity.
    It may not be soon I com­plete this, but your font will make it oh, so bet­ter.
    So I bid you a-do, and the check is in the mail (hon­est, soon)


  105. Hi there — I love this font! How­ever, when using it in Pub­lisher and Word, if I make it very large (eg. 110pt) some let­ters (like K and M) won’t print. Help! Am I doing some­thing wrong?

  106. This beau­ti­ful, com­plex, well crafted font is offered for free?

    Thank you!

  107. Thank you for your beau­ti­ful and naturel font!
    We would like to use in our book, is that per­mit­ted?
    Thanks in advance for your answer!

  108. Hi,

    First of all, beau­ti­ful font. As a designer myself, awe­some work :)

    Just thought you might like to know though — it’s cur­rently being used in an anti-gay hate cam­paign in my home coun­try of Aus­tralia. I read a story today about the pub­lish­ers of the sig­nage (that denounces same sex mar­riage as being harm­ful to chil­dren) being sued by the pho­tog­ra­pher of the stock photo used in the cam­paign and thought, « huh, won­der who did the font? » Not sure what, if any­thing, you can do given that you’re releas­ing this free (or even if you’d WANT to do any­thing) but yeah — just thought I’d pass on the info.

    The link to the story I read is here: — hop­ing it embeds. Oth­er­wise if you just google ‘anti-gay truck queens­land’ you’ll find the stories.

    • Hi Stacey
      Thanks for the infor­ma­tion. Sad to see it being used to pro­mote shit like that! I have updated the info in this post, so if they con­tinue to use my font it will be a vio­la­tion of the license.

  109. Hi, just wanted to tell you I’m using your font in my blog:

    thanks for cre­at­ing such a won­der­ful font!!!! :D :D :D

    Regards, F.

  110. Hi Mag­nus,

    I’m so great­ful to you for mak­ing this font avail­able to us! It is beau­ti­ful organic, and strong. I’ve read through all the com­ments and enjoyed see­ing the dif­fer­ent ways peo­ple have used your font. I see you have it listed free for per­sonal and com­mer­cial use, but I still wanted to ask you per­son­ally. I am work­ing on re-branding a logo for a pub­lish­ing com­pany that spe­cial­izes in hands-on mate­ri­als for drug and vio­lence pre­ven­tion, char­ac­ter edu­ca­tion, life skills, school suc­cess, and men­tal health. Would it be ok if I used FFF Tusji for this? Thank you!

  111. Hey Mag­nus,
    My name is Nick Alto, I’m cur­rently a Com­puter Sci­ence under­grad at Ore­gon State Uni­ver­sity. I’m cre­at­ing an iOS appli­ca­tion, a take on the dot game ( I was won­der­ing if it would be alright if I used it in my appli­ca­tion. I absolutely love this font, and it would go great with the handwritten-feel of my appli­ca­tion. Thank you!

  112. Hi Mag­nus… I absolutely love this font! Thank you so much for shar­ing it!! For some rea­son, some of the let­ters aren’t show­ing up when I try to use it. For exam­ple… when I type « cindy » it comes up as just « ci ». I’m using a pro­gram called print artist which I’ve never had any prob­lems with fonts in before. Do you have any idea what could be caus­ing this?
    Thank you for your time :)

  113. hi
    i love this font
    im an archi­tect, can i use de font in my logo?

  114. Hi Mag­nus, thanks a lot for the great font. You said to let you know where it’s being used so I thought I’d men­tion I’m using it for a site I’m work­ing on, It’s only a cou­ple of days old and it has a long way to go yet but the font already makes a dif­fer­ence. The site is open source — Thanks again, Danyal

  115. Hi Mag­nus!(: I see you have it listed free for com­mer­cial use, but I want to ask you per­son­ally. I’m work­ing in a design of a logo for my future project, a online store of shirts. So i want to use it in the design of them, is that per­mit­ted?
    Beau­ti­ful font, love it :D

  116. Hi, this font is great. I think I am going to use it for a com­mer­cial site. Dona­tion will be made as soon as money comes in ;-)

  117. Hi, which one is the font-family for a CSS file? I’ve tried with FFF Tusj or sim­i­lar com­bi­na­tions (i.e. FFF-Tusj or so) but it was all wrong. Please, help me. And thanks a lot for such a great work!

  118. Great font. Exactly what I needed! Thanks

  119. I was able to fix the issue of cer­tain char­ac­ters not being printed by adding a PCL 5 print dri­ver (I was using PCL 6) . This gave me the option of select­ing ‘Down­load as bit image’ in the True Type Mode set­ting under the ‘Print Qual­ity’ tab of printer properties.

  120. I love this font!
    How can I use this font well in small size?

  121. Hi — I love your font and wanted to use it in a photo book I am mak­ing. How­ever, when I down­load it, I only get the bold file no mat­ter how many dif­fer­ent things I try. Did some­thing change to where you only have the bold offered now? The font isn’t as clear in bold and I would love to try and get the orig­i­nal font. Thank you!!!

  122. Great font. Thanks you very much.

  123. Hei.Se5 flott blogg!Har ikke sett disse engle­formene pe5 Panduro,men helt like + mange flere lgeigr pe5 Ebay. Ogse5 tre5kkheller med flotte mf8nstre!I til­legg er det mange hage­fig­urer av alver, engler osv. Har kjf8pt mye der­fra og er stre5lende fornf8yd. Men NB! Husk frakt!Sf8keordene er: latex eller plas­ter mould (=form)(« mold » i USA, con­crete og evt. pix­ies, elf(-es), cherub, plaque, step­stones. Anbe­fales! Bruker selv fin­be­tong (Sand­ko­rnene er 0–4 mm) pe5 sme5figurer og synes stf8ping er kjempegf8y!

  124. I need your help! the let­ter D on the PDF is it in very bad qual­ity :( can you help me?

  125. Hi! I would like to use this font as part of a logo for a mar­ket­ing class I’m going to be teach­ing, would that be OK?

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