Work & Journal from Designer Magnus Cederholm

I’m Magnus Cederholm, designer working & living in Oslo, Norway. I’m a designer with a passion for illustration, photography & technology.

When not working you will most likely find me riding my bike, hunting for new trails, or telemark skiing, seeking out powder in Norway’s mountains.

Currently not available for freelance work


By now you probably know that my name is Magnus Cederholm and that I’m a designer working with digital & interactive design.
I’ve been working in Sweden & Norway for the past ten years, at NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corp.), Jimmy Royal, SMFB, Apt, North Kingdom & Paregos.

imageAll my life I’ve had a passion for visual language in all it’s forms, but when I first discovered the internet, I also discovered design for digital media, and I’ve been stuck on pixels ever since. The combination of design and new technology is what makes interactive design so exciting for me. The internet is always changing, and finding new and better ways to solve challenges will always be one of the key factors for driving my passion forward.

I find inspiration in everything that’s visual, especially Photography, Illustration, Interior & Architecture.

When I’m not working, I usually ride my bikes or go skiing. I also enjoy watching movies, taking photos, and sometimes I might go crazy and give my fingers a proper workout on my Washburn guitar.