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November 20, 2011

Formfett relaunch

My redesigned port­fo­lio is finally online. It’s still based on word­press and it’s designed and coded by myself, with a lit­tle help from my friends. If you find any bugs, please be kind and write me a com­ment below. I have used Media Queries for a bet­ter iPhone and iPad experience.

Think­ing about remov­ing the Google Plus but­ton. It takes for­ever to load and the ser­vice is just another buzz?

The site might not look all that good in Explorer, or on Win­dows in gen­eral, due to it’s hor­ri­ble font ren­der­ing.

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  1. Con­grat­u­la­tions! :)

  2. Sick design dude! Very well done.

  3. Looks lovely honey!

  4. Hey, really nice site, con­grats. Just spot­ted that there is a slight under­line on the links in your light­box. I’m using chrome on os x, but I’m guess­ing it’s on a few other browsers as well.

  5. Great site. Excus­ing the windows/explorer font issues. IE should be wiped out forever!

  6. Sweet redesign. I enjoy it!

  7. Nice design. But found a bug. Searched for some­thing that doesn’t exist. The footer is then not dis­play­ing correctly.

  8. The red piece in the upper left hand cor­ner gets cut off when iPad is in portrait.

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